Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BIG imagination

My mom has told me many times that Micah is much like I was at his age.  Goofy yet hilarious, tall & lanky, klutzy, and possessing a BIG imagination (I still do...maybe that's why I have such crazy dreams).  I've seen videos of myself when I was that small, and I believe she's probably right.  Today alone, Micah gave two instances of his imagination.

I picked him up from "Nanny's" house and told him to get into his carseat.  As he was doing that, he looks over at the neighbor's house and notices their tall, stucco, retaining wall.  Suddenly, he says, "Mom, do you think a spy could climb over that wall into their yard?"  These out-of-the-blue musings crack me up.  Of course, I told him that a spy could most certainly climb that wall because they get all the cool gadgets.  "Oh, you mean like those hook things?" he asked.

After we got home, the boys dove into their new ninja LEGO sets I got them a couple days ago.  They were playing for a while, but Seth got bored and started pestering me to play the Wii.  I told him, repeatedly, that the TV was not going on and that they would not be playing video games tonight.  He kept nagging at me, and I got tired of saying the same thing over and over, so I got very stern with him...I might have even yelled.  I think he finally realized that I was serious, so he started crying...VERY loudly.  I took him over to the couch near where Micah was still playing with his LEGOs to calm him down.  I forgot to mention that when Micah plays, he gives voices to his toys and has conversations back and forth between them, etc.  So, Seth is still crying crocodile tears and I'm trying to talk to him and explain why he can't play the Wii, when Micah exclaims, "Seth!  Could you stop crying?  I can't hear my LEGO guys talking!"  This kid is straight up crazy...and I love it.

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