Saturday, April 2, 2011

Current Boy Sayings

Some things that Seth currently says that I love:

When I'm tucking him into bed, he'll grit his teeth together into a smile and say, through his teeth, "I SO cozy!"

To make Micah mad (I still haven't figured out why it does), Seth will look at him and through the same gritted teeth smile, and say in a high voice, "I got some goodies?"  Yes, with a question mark at the end.  He'll do it over and over again in Micah's face until he freaks out.  I don't even know how he figured out that it bugs Micah.  Now, he just has to say it once to annoy him.

If anyone is wrestling with Seth, and pins him down, he has created a word for such a person.  While he is down, he exclaims, "GET OFF OF ME!...YOU KOOLOO!"  Sometimes I'll pin him down just to hear him say it.  Is that wrong?

When he hears something and doesn't know what it is, he'll ask me, "What's that noisy, Mom?"

He has his own name for the show "Avatar:  The Last Airbender."

He has currently replaced all his yes's and no's with "uh-huh" or "uh-uh."  And it's really cute.

He comes running into the kitchen (in his underwear, as usual), and explains, "I am Batman and Micah is rubber."
"Micah is rubber?" I ask.
"No, raaawwwber."
"Micah is a robber?"
"No.  Raawwber!"
"OH!  You are Batman and Micah is Robin?"
"Yes," as he smiles, "robber."

In the car, on the way home, Micah asked me what we were having for dinner.  "I don't know" was my reply.  Seth exclaimed, "I don't want 'doe-no' for dinner!  I don't want to eat 'doe-no!'"

He calls an elevator an "alligator."

Speaking of elevators...
While on our trip in California, Micah learned some elevator etiquette.  Now, whenever we approach one, he lays down the rules.  "I'll presh the button on the inside and Seth can presh the button on the outside."  Then, while we're waiting for the elevator, he'll tell everyone, "Ok, we have to back up because there might be people trying to get off the elevator!"  It does not matter how many elevator trips we take, he MUST say these things each time.

This morning, they were both in our bed, trying to get us up.  This is a pretty typical occurrence for Saturday mornings.  Micah crawled all the way under our covers then popped out and said, "I'm from Nouse ya' doin'?"  The sudden and unexpected way he did it cracked us up.