Monday, August 15, 2011

A Third Boy in Training

Sometime around the end of June/ beginning of July, I had a dream.  This is nothing out of the norm...I dream a lot.  I think it's genetic.  I've had a couple dreams before that have been "prophetic;" most of them are nothing but nonsense.  For some reason, this one was especially strange to me and stuck out in my head long after I woke up.  I told Adam about it as he was getting ready for work and I was still laying in bed.  I couldn't remember all the details and most of them are completely ridiculous anyways, but I tried to recall what I could (or what I thought was important).

The basic premise of it was the baby coming WAY early.  I was only a couple months along, but the baby came out full-term, healthy and a boy.  We were completely unprepared.  No crib, no car seat, no name.  So, after getting home from the hospital, I left the baby at  home with Adam so I could go to the store.  On top of baby gear, we were also in need of groceries.  Here is the really weird part:  While I was out driving, God gave me a name for the baby.  I don't remember how; I think it just popped into my head...but I knew it was God and I knew it was our baby's name...even if the first name was one I had honestly never heard of outside of this dream and the middle name was one that neither of us was fond of.  The name given was Elias James.  I called Adam right away to tell him what the baby's name was supposed to be and try to convince him that although it sounded strange, it was from the Lord.  Haha.  I don't remember too much after that.  I don't even really remember his reaction.

His reaction in real life was a funny face...which was about what mine was.  That first name especially just sounded so strange to me.  Then I did some research on it and found out it's not entirely unheard of and it's even kind of growing on me.  Not so much for Adam (yet).  I did a search on Blue Letter Bible and found that it's another name for Elijah and only used in the New Testament of the King James Version when referring back to him (can you tell I don't usually read the KJV?).  It means the same as Elijah, "The Lord is my God."  On an unrelated note, I also found out it's Walt Disney's middle name from a random Disneyland facebook post.

From the beginning of this pregnancy, I never really got my "hopes up" for a girl.  There's no written law that says once you have two boys, you must have a girl.  Our goal in having another baby wasn't even to "try for" a girl.  After having that dream, it just confirmed my thoughts that it was a boy...and I was totally okay with it. Happy, even.  I love our boys so much and though they drive me crazy sometimes, they are a lot of fun.

Our ultrasound with my doctor where we get to find out the sex is scheduled for September 12.  Fortunately, Adam's great-aunt is an ultrasound tech in Murrieta, CA which is exactly where we had planned to be (months ago) for the first few days of our vacation.  I didn't think I'd be far enough along to be able to tell the sex, but I looked at the website of where she works and saw right on their homepage "Gender reveal starting at 14 weeks."  YES!  I would be almost 16 weeks when we were out there!  I e-mailed her to let her know we were coming and ask if she would be able to fit me in.  Turns out, the day we were coming was a good day for us to stop in.

So, a month early, we got to see our baby BOY together with his big brothers.  It was such a special time and Aunt Kathy blessed our socks off.  On top of the ultrasound, she gave us a DVD of it so we could share the experience with our families and a CD of pictures.  They have an incredible ultrasound machine and we were able to see him sucking, waving, and of course, his telling features.  (Click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

His imitation of "The Thinker"

He's pointing at us.

"There's a stem on that apple!"

Just kickin' back.

He loves us already.  :)

In a few months, I imagine this stretching out is going to hurt me.

In this part of the ultrasound, we could see him moving his mouth.

The ultrasound basically confirmed what Adam & I both already knew.  We had a date night a few nights before and were talking about the baby.  That's when we told each other that we had both been thinking it was a boy.
On the way into the ultrasound, we asked Micah what he thought the baby was.  He kept saying, "Oh, it's a girl."  I told him, "Daddy & I think it's a boy.  You'll still be happy if it's another brother, right?"  He replied, "Yeah, but I think it's a girl."  Then, when we found out and rubbed it in a little that we were right, he said, "NO!  I didn't say it was a girl, I said it was a girl OR a boy."  What a  back-pedaler.

We're all very excited.  Adam & I feel so blessed that God has blessed us with another little man and the boys are happy to have another brother.  I just pray Seth is as good of a big brother as Micah is.  So far, he tends to be a bit more relentless and we'll see how this goes.  :)